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Just over 40 years ago I bought a Russian FED 4 rangefinder camera from a second hand store prior to going on a boating holiday on the Norfolk Broads. If I wasn't hooked on landscape photography from the very first few miles of cruising, I was from the first Norfolk sunset!

Interest and equipment during the 90's varied very little. My Olympus OM10 staying focussed mainly on landscapes, waterscapes and monochrome, developing the latter at home in my "makeshift" darkroom. Great times.  A City and Guilds qualification added to my experience of photography.

In 2007, I had the opportunity to buy into the Nikon SLR System with a used Nikon D200 and an 80-400mm VR1 lens from a work colleague. My new equipment was ideally suited for wildlife or sports and it was to wildlife that I turned, starting out with bird photography in the family's garden in Norfolk.

It was in Norfolk where my Father-in-Law, Peter Mansell, with over 70 years of practical and theoretical experience of cameras and photography endeavoured not only to give me a greater understanding of photography but also the encouragement to delve deeper into how to better photograph the wildlife that he loved.

The D200 was replaced with a D800, which I use mainly for landscapes now. The D3s came along shortly after and a 150-600mm Tamron Lens. This lens being bought on the basis that both Stef and I could, when necessary, handhold this setup. We have been very impressed with this lens!  A Nikon D500 with a 16-80mm zoom lens and a Sigma 150-600mm lens with a 1.4 converter have been added over the years.


Practically, Peter's personal photographic journey finished with his Nikon F4. Although he kept abreast of all the digital developments, he was always amazed at the detail these cameras and lenses could produce. In the last few  years of his life, I am sure he took great pleasure from the wildlife images that Stef and I took. He will be greatly missed.

Norfolk, Lancashire and Scotland have become our local patches but over the years we have travelled all over mainland UK and our equipment always goes with us.


I would like to say first of all that I am no expert in wildlife and when it comes to bird identification, probably like most people, I make many mistakes! So please do not hold it against me if I have called something that which it is most definitely not! Just leave a message or drop me a line and I will make any necessary changes in due course. 


And so our Wildlife journey goes on and personally, I am hoping that we may be able to carry on the family interest in photography through our Grand-Daughter Abigail (above) who, if she is as good behind the camera as she is in front of it, should be a great photographer, but there again......she is only 2 years old!

It is for Abbie that this gallery has been created with ALL the pictures being available for viewing in ABIGAIL'S GALLERY.

You can view portfolios of each genre or, by going through the category groups and folders, you can "drill down" to the individual species and various types of "scapes".


Looking for something specific?, use the search field to find it. If it doesn't appear, there isn't one!


If you would like to use one of our photographs, then drop us a line with your requirement and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


We hope you like our photographs and please drop by our guest-book page and leave a message. Who knows, we may meet up somewhere in the future whilst out pursuing this fantastic interest we both share!